Helikopterabflug nach der Abladung der Freerider  | © Michael Portmann Helikopterabflug nach der Abladung der Freerider  | © Michael Portmann
Helicopter flight meets freeride skiing

Majestic: heliskiing in Zermatt

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Feel like a king just once in your life. Heliskiing in Zermatt makes it possible. You fly up the mountain in small groups to the majestic height of over 4000 metres above sea level. The flight passes close by the most beautiful peak in the Swiss Alps: the Matterhorn. Once at the summit, you have a kingdom of snow-capped mountains at your feet.

But the crowning glory of the whole experience is the descent. Skiing or snowboarding from the very top to the very bottom on virgin slopes. Freeriding is for many the crowning disipline of the Alps. Hurtling down the steepest slopes and leaving tracks in the finest powder snow is a feeling you have to experience for yourself. Heliskiing in Zermatt makes two dreams come true. Simply grandiose! 

A winte experience second to none

During the winter months, helicopters bring their adventure-seeking passengers up to one of the mountain landing sites in the midst of Zermatt’s Alpine peaks. A place where no one sets foot. During the descent through open terrain, you are led down safe routes by an experienced mountain guide.


The helicopter enterprise is regarded throughout Switzerland as a pioneer of mountain rescue. Since 1968, Air Zermatt has been responsible for transport, supplies and safety in the Zermatt resort. The company also offers a range of services such as aerial tours of the Matterhorn, airport shuttle trips and of course heliskiing.

Air Zermatt offers a choice of five heliskiing peaks:

  • Unterrothorn (3103 m)
  • Testa Grigia (3480 m) – in the Matterhorn Ski Paradise 
  • Monte Rosa (4200 m)
  • Alphubeljoch (3782 m)
  • Äschihorn (3562 m)

Flights require a minimum of 4 guests.

Skifahrer vor dem Helikopter  | © Michael Portmann

Do you also want to feel like a king just once in your life? Fly past the Matterhorn by helicopter and glide down the virgin slopes from one of the peaks above Zermatt. Then book your heliskiing adventure now!

Opening hours:
daily from 8 to 12 am and from 1.30 to 5 pm 

Air Zermatt
Skifahrer geniessen die Abfahrt im frischen Tiefschnee | © Michael Portmann

Heliskiing with Zermatters

ZERMATTERS is the specialist for outdoor adventures of all kinds in Zermatt. Every trip is accompanied by a private mountain guide, always a local, who knows the mountains like the back of his hand. Insider tips included. With ZERMATTERS you can fly to the following peaks to launch your descent:

  • Monte Rosa (4200 m)
  • Äschihorn (3562 m)
  • Alphubeljoch (3782 m)
  • Valpelline (3799 m)

Avalance rescue beacon and climbing harness are included. Flights require a minimum of four guests.


Heliskiing equipment

Skifahrer besprechen Abfahrt beim Heliskiing | © Michael Portmann