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Alpine Lounge blauherd

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In partnership with the company Metaloop and Richnerstutz AG, Zermatt Bergbahnen designed the Alpine Lounge at Blauherd.  The lounge is not only an inviting place to relax, it also seeks to raise visitors’ awareness of a variety of environmental issues relating to the area. Thanks to the information section, you can learn everything about the sustainable approach Zermatt Bergbahnen applies to the use of resources.

How is ice formed? How exactly does the artificial snow-making process work in the Matterhorn Ski Paradise? Learn more about the various aspects of the lifts and the unique natural environment around Zermatt. 

  • Snow & Ice: What role do snow & ice play in Matterhorn Paradise?
  • Fauna & Flora: Learn all about the animals and plants around Zermatt and how they are protected.
  • The Alps: What exactly are the Alps and from where to where do they extend?
  • Solar Modules: How do Zermatt Bergbahnen use solar panels and what are the benefits?

In addition to seating and fascinating information, the Alpine Lounge also offers:
•    Lockable Charging stations for smartphones 
•    Hot and cold water station 
•    The seating is upcycled from an old Kumme lift chair
•    Recycling station: this is considered a test version for the entire area 

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Sustainable SOuvenirs

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