Natural Alpine wonders in amazing close-up

Giddy heights on the Furi suspension bridge path

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Travel alone into the mountains, appreciate the natural surrounding and experience the wonders of the Alpine world up close. It couldn’t be easier – or more impressive – than on the Furi suspension bridge path near Zermatt. The adventure begins in the hamlet of Furi, where you find yourself at an altitude of 1867 metres and immersed in a world characterized by the traces of the Gorner Glacier.

The first high point of the 2.9-kilometre walk (which takes around an hour) is quite literally a high point – and it’s not far away. The footbridge suspended over the Gorner Gorge is 100 metres long and 90 metres high. Anyone brave enough to pause on it and risk a glance down into the roaring ravine will get a clear sense of the raw power of nature for a few moments.

Continuing on through the shady forest, past fireplaces and a playground with a picnic area, you reach the next site of natural beauty: the Dossen glacier garden. You’ll be amazed at the traces left behind by the glacier over 4000 years ago. Information panels explain to visitors how the glacial potholes, rock formations, caves and signs of glacial polish came to be.


  • Ideal time of year: from June to October
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Resting place: restaurants around Furi 
  • Duration: around 1 hour there and 1 hour 15 minutes back