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The hamlet of Furi is at the precise location where the Gorner Glacier once covered the ground in a thick layer of ice. Today, the landscape is characterized by meadows, larch forests and smooth rocks – and of course the striking traces left by the glacier. The Gorner Gorge for example. And the Dossen glacier garden.

Furi mountain station is at 1867 metres. It is said that the surrounding meadows were grazed by stock centuries ago. The old wood stacks look as though they’re from another age. One thing is for sure: at Furi there are many tales to tell. And even more to experience!

Summer thrills at Furi

Exciting stories and adventures galore – perfect for the whole family. Summer at Furi has it all. From June to October, you can bike, hike, barbecue and explore to your heart’s content.

In the depths of the Gorner Gorge

You can traverse the Gorner Gorge, with its roaring waters, on specially built wooden walkways. If you find that too tame, you can make the crossing with a mountain guide. As long as you’ve got a head for heights!

Learning as you go: Themed hiking trails out of Furi

One of Furi’s themed hiking trails follows the track of the Gorner Glacier, thousands of years old. While on the romantic Larch Trail to idyllic Schwarzsee you can learn all about alpine plants.

Searching for traces of the past in the Dossen glacier garden

Welcome to the Ice Age! In the Dossen glacier garden you will discover glacial potholes created 4000 years ago, a mysterious cave and much more. There’s plenty to choose from: a barbecue area, fireplaces and a playground for children – relax and have fun.

Balancing act ont the suspension bridge path

A bridge 100 metres long spans the Gorner Gorge, high above the raging waters – or, to be precise, 90 metres above. Looking down is not for the faint-hearted! Another highlight is waiting on the other side: the Dossen glacier garden.

A bike ride to Zermatt: the Moos Trail

This straightforward trail from Furi to Moos (Zermatt) covers 1.3 kilometres, with an average gradient of 7.3% and an altitude difference of 95 metres. Just as much fun for beginners as experienced bikers. The challenge: who can make it down to the valley without pedalling?

Tip: It’s well worth taking a short break at the Gorner Gorge.

Winter thrills at Furi

Furi mountain station is directly alongside the Zermatt ski slopes. Many skiers who pass by are on their way to Gornergrat. Anyone wishing to climb higher will take the cable car up to Trockener Steg and from there on to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise at 3883 metres.

The winter hiking trails around Furi cross magical snow-covered landscapes. Various routes will take you from Zermatt to Furi, for example. And then onwards to Zmutt to Stafel.

Are you ready to set out on your adventures from Furi? Great! The team at Zermatt Bergbahnen AG knows the best tips and tricks to help you plan your adventure.