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Mountaineering, climbing and hiking in Zermatt

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For many people visiting and living in the Alps, hiking among the mountain peaks in Zermatt is one of the most captivating summer activities. The Matterhorn Summer Paradise offers 400 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Easy, accessible family hikes are just as plentiful available as daring high mountain tours, vertical fixed rope routes and thrilling passages in the Alps. Accompanied by the worlds most photographed mountain, the Matterhorn, you can dive into its awesome legend. 

Whether you discover a rare flower beside the path, a marmot you spot in the distance, or a crystal-clear mountain lake inviting you for a refreshing dip, the mountain world and its nature are a constant source of surprises. Together with the hikers you meet along your trail or the rustic mountain hut that you come across for a well-deserved meal, moments like these create unforgettable experiences. 

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Five Lakes Walk

Five crystal-clear lakes, five times pure mountain idyll, three times the reflection of the Matterhorn and twice refreshing bathing pleasure. The nine-kilometre hiking trail is an unforgettable mountain summer experience.

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Marmot Trail

Between Blauherd and Sunnegga (or vice versa), a varied hiking trail leads through the area where the Zermatt marmots live. Along five observation posts you will get to know the life of the cute rodents up close. Put a stamp on the new stamp card at each post, which you can get at the Sunnegga ticket office or at the Blauherd kiosk. With the full stamp card you will receive a small gift in the PurAlpina shop on the church square.

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An overview of Zermatt's hiking trails

The Peak Collection is a year-round themed hike. The trail leads around the Rothorn restaurant. It accompanies you along 18 stations where the Zermatt mountain guides artistically explore the surrounding mountains.

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hiking path at Sunnegga in Zermatt | © Mitch Pittman

Findeln gourmet trail

From Sunnegga, Zermatt's sun terrace, via the idyllic hamlet of Findeln, this relatively easy hike leads past the Leisee lake over mountain meadows to Zermatt. The highlight: You can enjoy up to 42 Gault-Millau points in the mountain restaurants along the hiking trail.

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More themed hiking trails

Explore the alpine mountain world of the Matterhorn summer paradise on our themed hiking trails. One thing is clear, you rarely get this close to alpine creatures such as marmots and chamois!

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Excellent mountain cuisine in the Matterhorn summer paradise


Taste experiences with a view

In the Matterhorn Summer Paradise, wonderful sun terraces with a view of the Matterhorn invite you to enjoy and relax. It is not for nothing that the Zermatt-Matterhorn destination is known as an alpine hotspot for gourmets and food lovers. Regional delicacies of excellent quality are served on the plate. So one thing is clear: enjoyment is a top priority in Zermatt, even when hiking.

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Whether summer truffles, fine cheeses from the region or exquisite fish and meat specialities - a gourmet's heart begins to melt in the mountain restaurants.

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Hiking and mountaineering on the Matterhorn

If it weren’t for mountaineering, Zermatt would not be what it is today. And for this there is no one else to blame other than the Matterhorn. Surely you have heard about the myth of the Matterhorn.  



A popular starting point for many mountain tours is Matterhorn Glacier Paradise at 3883 metres. From there you can attempt your first of four-thousand-metre peak: the Breithorn. Together with a mountain guide, climbing harness and crampons, you courageously ascend to the summit at an altitude of 4164 m. The view of 38 Alpine giants is simply gigantic! 

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Alphubel, Dent Blanche or Pollux

The mountain world around Zermatt is the perfect starting point for all mountaineers who have higher ambitions. Zermatt lies at the foot of 38 four-thousand-metre high peaks, which you can climb on guided tours, testing and building your stamina. A summer adventure in a class of its own. 

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Above the roofs of Zermatt there are via ferratas for every level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, fun is guaranteed, and the views in any case reward your efforts.

  • Schweifinen via ferrata: Three routes - one experience!
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The perfect app to discover the flora of the Matterhorn summer paradise

Flower walks app

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Make every hike an opportunity to discover the flora of Zermatt. Did you know that there are seven species endemic to the area? With the Flowerwalks app, you have 800 flower species from all over Switzerland at your fingertips and can decide for yourself which plants you want to encounter on your hike.

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