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On the trail of natural wonders in the Alps

Themed hiking trails: learning, walking, marveling

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A special treat for nature lovers. For anyone who loves to explore the fascinating world of the high mountains on foot, the themed hiking trails in Zermatt are ideal. They offer a rare opportunity to see local residents such as marmots and chamois close up. It is unusual to find so many protected plant species in a single location. And nowhere else can you do this with a breath-taking view of the iconic Matterhorn, the world’s most-photographed mountain.

an overview of Zermatt's themed hiking trails

Natural wonders within touching distance. Mountain worlds to discover. And alpine landscapes to explore with all the senses. Take a close look around on the themed hiking trails around Zermatt and marvel at what you see. Hikers eager to learn, inquisitive families and visitors with enquiring minds have much to look forward to. Set out on your voyage of discovery in the Valais Alps.

Please note: Some of the themed trails are accessible all year round, some only in summer. 

Marmot Trail

The sunny Rothorn area is known as a magnet for marmots. Get to know more about these cute mountain creatures from close up at the five information boards with observation points. 

  • Route: from Blauherd to Sunnegga (3.8 km)
  • Duration: 1 hr 10 min there, 1 hr 30 min back
  • Altitude difference: 304 m
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Best season: June to September


There are rare plant species hidden amongst the green alpine pastures, brightly coloured dwarf heathers and barren gravel areas. Observant ramblers will be able to marvel at edelweiss, alpine roses and other precious treasures of the alpine flora. With any luck you’ll spot one of the seven species of plant endemic to Zermatt, i.e. found only in or near Zermatt.

  • Route: from Blauherd via Tuftern to Sunnegga (4.6 km)
  • Duration: 1 hr 20 min there, 1 hr 35 min back
  • Altitude difference: 363 m
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Best season: June to September

The Peak Collection

Multilingual outdoor exhibition at Peak Rothorn at 3'103 metres, with 18 sculptures on the theme of the Zermatt mountains and their stories – plus one of the most striking views of the Matterhorn. Tip for your holiday photo album: It’s worth stepping over to the nearby photopoint.

  • Length: 500 m (30 min each way)
  • Altitude difference: 19 m
  • Degree of difficulty: easy
  • Best season: all year round
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Path to Freedom

This is the highest hiking trail in Europe at 3'415 metres. You can see 38 four-thousand-metre peaks in three countries. There are five points of interest along the way dealing with nature themes, ranging from the world of minerals to spiritual well-being. Did you know, for example, that there are seven cardinal directions?

  • Route: from Rothorn to Oberrothorn (2.9 km)
  • Duration: 1 hr 25 min there, 1 hr 5 min back
  • Altitude difference: 415 m
  • Degree of difficulty: difficult
  • Best season: June to September

Matterhorn glacier trail

Very few people can say they have hiked along a glacier. If you follow this hiking trail, you will belong to the select few. There are 23 points of interest which describe the natural phenomenon of the glacier and explain the history of the Furg glacier. Watch out: magnificent Alpine scenery straight ahead.

  • Route: from Schwarzsee to Trockener Steg (6.5 km)
  • Duration: 2 hr there, 2 hr 15 min back
  • Altitude difference: 363 m
  • Degree of difficulty: difficult
  • Best season: June to September
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Themed hiking trail out of Furi

“The Gorner Glacier through the ages” is the theme of this trail. You are literally walking along the tracks of the glacier, where you can discover the artefacts left by the Gorner Glacier as it receded: moraine deposits, smoothly polished rock surfaces with striations, and roche moutonées. Background information included.

  • Route: Circular route to Furi and back (7.4 km)
  • Duration: 2 hr 45 min there and back
  • Altitude difference: 332 m
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Best season: June to October
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Overview of all hike trails in Zermatt

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If you‘ve beeen seized by wanderlust, pack your hiking rucksack now. The Zermatt Bergbahnen AG team will be happy to advise you personally about suitable offers, etc.