Fun and games in the sun on Sunnegga

Lake Leisee: the family favourite in Zermatt

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Families taking their summer holidays in Zermatt all agree on one thing: an outing to Leisee is a must. The pretty mountain lake on the Sunnegga sun terrace is a favourite spot for young and old, for a whole variety of reasons.

Many children love the lake because Wolli, the Zermatt resort’s cuddly mascot. They might meet him with a little luck at Wolli’s Fun Park – one wish fulfilled among many others. At Wolli’s, the adventures seem never-ending, with play equipment, a cool stream with a water play area, barbecue and picnic areas, a play raft and a paddling area to cool off in.

Leisee is also the starting point and destination for many family-friendly walking trails, such as the Marmot Trail, along which observant hikers might be able to spot cuddly-looking marmots. The Flower Trail and Five Lakes Walk also take you along the shore of the lake. Active families will want to begin with a swim in the lake, then grab some kickbikes and keep a cool head as they race down into the valley on these special off-road scooters.

Why families love lake Leisee

Because the Leisee is not very deep, the water temperature in summer is very pleasant. On the shore there are also tadpoles, baby frogs and colourful alpine flowers to admire. The Sunnegga mountain station and restaurant are only a ten-minute walk away or a short ride on the self-service Leisee Shuttle.